• Nataraj Malavade

6 habits of successful traders you must know...

After interacting with few successful traders whom I know personally, I realized that about 70% of the time, it's the psychological edge that scores up consistent returns in the account, not the vibrant technical analysis alone.

I have also observed few identical habits among these traders, and I think those habits are uncommon compared to the outside world. I also believe that these habits can make you think in the right direction and help you in #trading. So, I am summarizing them in this article. Kindly read the full blog to get the 100% benefit.

Let's get started,

1) Carefree mindset about the individual trade results...

They believe that every single trade is absolutely unique in nature, and there is no correlation between one trade result to another. Successful traders opt for every single trade with an absolute acceptance of any possible outcome. As a result, winning or losing doesn't make any difference to them.

2) Money comes next...

Well, although the primary objective of #trading is to make money, I have seen they (successful traders) have a love and affection towards trading. This passion liberates them from other noise. They hold conviction on their process and execution of it. Obviously, money is the byproduct here.

3) Acceptance of uncertainty...

They accept and appreciate that markets are dynamic, and they don't have any sort of control here. Hence, they don't spend time predicting the markets. Instead, they focus on the process they planned (especially the RISK & MONEY MANAGEMENT) and its execution. I want to call them RISK MANAGERS rather than calling traders.

4) Self Discovery...

We carry many buried thoughts and emotions all the time, not necessarily at the consciousness level but subconsciously. Hence, they know that these emotions can trigger at any point in time, especially when the money is on the table. So, when they notice themself emotionally disturbed, they redirect their attention to the trading plan consciously. In some cases, they reduce the position or bet sizing.

5) Focus...

We encounter 100's of ways to get distracted in this informatic world. The BIG MTM posts by so-called successful traders can easily lure the commoner mind. However, in their case, it's different; they do one thing at one time, and most importantly, they always focus on their trading goals and plan.

6) Clarity...

"CLARITY IS THE REAL POWER". This is a major strength for them. They have 100% clarity behind every single decision they take in #trading.

I want to end this blog by mentioning the quote by my all-time favourite author and trader, Mr Mark Douglas.

Well, I hope this article helped you. If you like the content, kindly share it with your friends and let me know your thoughts in the comments. See you in the next blog, Wishing you MOST & MORE Nataraj Malavade

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